It’s a question many of us ask ourselves when prospecting.

We’ve seen the stats on follow-ups. More, more, more.

And that’s where many sales teams are getting it wrong.

Volume of follow up should not take priority over the FOCUS of your follow up.

At some point, follow up has diminishing returns.

It’s like dating. After a few dates, you get a feel for how much you like the other person. And they show interest in moving the relationship forward.

And if they don’t, you move on to someone else. They move on to someone else. Everything usually turns out all right.

We should approach prospecting the same way.

The prospect might not like or be interested in you. THAT’S OKAY.

Focus your follow-up time and energy on prospects opening emails, refer you to others at their company, taking your calls, engaging with you on LinkedIn, etc.

And stop the relentless follow up with prospects showing zero signs of interest.

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