It’s the question every prospect needs answered if we expect them to give us any of their time.

Prospects already have a solution in place. It may not be ideal, but it’s getting the job done.

Our job is to show them why it’s worth changing.

People change for two reasons (oftentimes a combination):

🤬 Pain

The problem is big enough that you’ve decided there’s a better way of doing things.


Scheduling meetings is a pain in the butt with all the back-and-forth emails. This makes me look for a different way of doing things, like using Calendly.

📈 Gain

You’re not experiencing pain. But one day you learn about a different way of doing things that’s even better than what you’re doing right now.


I used to use Beats headphones, which I loved. Never planned on using anything else. But my wife, Sara, told me I needed to check out Bose headphones. I went to the store to try them out, and it didn’t take much convincing after that. They were noise-canceling, Bluetooth, and the sound quality was much better.

My change was not driven by pain.

Don’t focus on the pain points if they’re not there. 

Show prospects what they have to gain by doing things a different way.

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