Working remotely for the next month? Many of your prospects are too.

Now’s your time to take full advantage of all the other channels at your disposal.

Prospects are much more likely to have a few minutes to see your outreach without all the office distractions.

✅ LinkedIn

Connect with prospects here before you send outreach.

Thoughtfully engage with a few of their posts, and then send some helpful content their way in the DMs. Try sending an audio or video message.

“Hey, not sure if you’re working from home today. But if you have a few minutes, thought you’d find ________ helpful for ________.”

✅ Take the conversation offline

Couldn’t be a better time for direct dials.

If you get the prospect’s voicemail, hype up what you sent over to them. Get the prospect excited about looking at your message like Jeremy Leveille does.

“Hey, just sent over _______. I think you’re really gonna like ______.”

✅ Send a video

Use a tool like BombBomb to send over a video to the prospect.

Right now there’s a huge opportunity to stick out and differentiate yourself when prospecting.

How are you taking advantage of this?

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