You’re not doing the job of the person you’re prospecting to.

And you’ve probably never done their job before.

This creates a bias in our approach.

Bias is everywhere, especially in sales. But biases are not the problem.

Being unaware of your bias—that’s the real problem.

And that’s a bias in and of itself called blind-spot bias.

We make assumptions about the people we prospect to based on our own viewpoints.

Instead, do a 180 and focus on your prospects.

Get inside their head.

And overcome your bias by taking the time to understand their world.

Here’s how you can do that:

✅ Get 5-10 customers together for a call. Help them brainstorm the best ways to overcome challenges related to the areas in which you help. You’ll learn more about the language they use to talk about their problems.

✅ Listen to discovery recordings. When a prospect shares a goal or challenge, transcribe it word for word.

✅ Set up a recurring meeting with other reps, customer success, and your marketing team to share new things you’re learning about your prospects.

Use what you learn to improve your emails and talk tracks.

How else do you learn about your prospects?


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