That’s right, I said it.

Just because you see some stats around particular words and phrases working well for cold calls, doesn’t mean they’ll work for you.

There’s a ton of nuance to take into consideration.

Who did they gather the data from?

What industries do they sell into?

Are they selling transactional? Mid-market? Enterprise?

Are they selling a product/service with a great reputation in the industry? Or a brand new startup?

What personas are they selling into? Marketing? Sales? Those are very different personas from more technical roles.

And the list goes on.

Conversational intelligence is great. But it’s not magic.

Try it out and test it yourself. Then make it your own.

I had a great conversation with Shruti Kapoor from Wingman on this topic.

She shared three ways you can put conversational intelligence to work for you and/or your team.


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