Effectiveness has to be a big part of the equation.

So where should you focus your time, energy, and attention?

Start by being the CEO of your sales pipeline.

And focus on your pillars. These are the areas you get the biggest ROI on your time. Things you have total control over.

Here are the three buckets of pillars:

✅ Consistency pillar. Things you can already do effectively. Examples are asking for referrals, cold call blocks, activity targets, etc.

✅ Learning pillar. What you’re learning that amplifies your consistency pillar. Example: learning more about copywriting so that your cold emails are more effective.

✅ Strategic pillar. Things you can do ahead of time that make activities more effective. Example: creating a hit list for your cold call blocks that’s well researched so that you’re more likely to schedule meetings with prospects that pick up.

Brian Margolis is a productivity expert that came up with the pillar systems approach for tackling your week.

The cool part? The entire system fits onto a 3×5 note card.


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