If you could sum up prospecting into a single keystone habit, that’s it.

You’re interrupting the prospect when you do cold outreach.

They didn’t ask for your cold call, cold email, or LinkedIn video message.

But you get to decide if you’re a “nuisance.”

There’s a big difference between interrupting the prospect vs. being a nuisance.

A nuisance only thinks about what they want: the prospect’s time.

Do the opposite. Start with what the prospect needs from the conversation.


“Hey Jason,

I wanted to introduce myself. My company, ABC COMPANY, just came out with a new product called XYZ. Companies like A, B, and C are using it. I was calling to set up some time later this week to talk about our new product.”


“Hey Jason,

Saw ABC COMPANY’s recent news about launching XYZ PRODUCT. Also noticed you have about six years doing these types of launches. A stressful part of these launches can be staffing for them properly. I’m curious how you guys are planning for that with the launch of XYZ PRODUCT LINE?”

One approach is all about you.

The other approach is all about them. And gets them talking about what’s important to them.

Focus on the prospect first—in every interaction you have.


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