Or if you should prospect at all.

If you’re scared of being tone-deaf, insensitive, or predatory—you’re not alone. It’s also on the mind of just about every other sales professional out there.

The fact that you’re even thinking about this is a good thing.

But it’s selfish. And I’m guilty of it too.


Because it’s focused on you.

Selling IS helping. And in order to help others, you have to prioritize their agenda over yours.

Being helpful is what we need to focus on right now.

Lead conversations with curiosity. Make it a goal with every sales interaction to learn more about the prospect’s situation to see how if and how you can help.

The conversation will move forward at that time to talk more about your product/service, or it won’t.

Either way, you can help.

I had a great conversation earlier this week with Jonathan Mahan over at BombBomb about selling vs. helping.

And what I challenged him on was if those two are different.

Because if they’re different, you might need to change your sales approach to succeed in today’s climate.


Bonus if you made it this far:

Jonathan is working with me 1on1 over the next few weeks to learn how to do outbound in today’s sales climate.

Want to follow his journey? Start watching here.


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