You need to adjust your client segments. 

Approach your ICPs from scratch. And ignore the companies you’re not in a position to help right now.

Here’s an exercise we’ve been doing with our clients:

✅ What companies are thriving?

Zoom, Blue Apron, and most cleaning products are all examples. Any company helping support the work from home movement is killing it right now. These are the obvious ones and you better get to them quick.

✅ What companies support those that are thriving?

Where the gold is. For example, think about the challenges a surge in new users causes for a thriving software company right now. 

Security, latency issues, onboarding customers/employees faster, etc. are all now pain points and needs they have. And companies that provide those products/services are doing well. 

And so are the companies that support those companies. Focus on companies supporting those that are thriving right now.

⛔️ What companies are in survival mode?

This might sound harsh. If you cannot help a client vertical that was once your bread and butter, you need to adapt. 

Focus all your energy on companies you CAN help right now. Otherwise, having a conversation with you makes no sense.

How are you adjusting your client segments?

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