Hi, I'm Jason Bay.

But you can call me “JBay.” 

I help reps and sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers.

Sales is the only “adult job” I’ve ever had. And I’ve done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping hundreds of reps master cold outreach.

A simple framework to follow

Learn cutting-edge prospecting strategies and tactics to consistently fill your pipeline with high-quality opportunities.


For Individuals

We don’t believe that the sales community is in need of more content or communities. You need help taking action and getting results. And that’s what Outbound Squad is all about.

For Sales Teams

Hands-on training and coaching to help your team overcome call reluctance, build meaningful relationships with prospects, and land more meetings with their ideal clients.


REPLY Method™

A proven messaging structure for increasing response rates, breaking through the clutter, and landing more meetings with your ideal prospects.


Learn from the best reps and sales leaders in the game how you can send better cold emails, make better cold calls, and land more meetings with your ideal clients.

More Free Resources

We have plenty more free resources, how-to guides, tool recommendations, and book summaries. Make sure to check ’em out.

What others are saying

Every single one of our sales team felt comfortable and at ease with Jason's approach. Confidence was gained. Empathetic skills went off the charts. Prospecting no longer seems scary or unsurmountable.
Sheryl Floyd
Sales Enablement at ScaleFactor
Jason Bay and Blissful Prospecting have changed the way we prospect. He takes the approach that it’s not about selling the prospect, but more about connecting with them emotionally. And it’s unlike any other prospecting process I’ve seen before. It works.
Jeffrey Gitomer
Founder & Best-Selling Author
Jason's great! I've been selling for 16 years and took part in his training. He helped me re-frame my approach to prospects, and I got more/better results. I highly recommend you work with him if you want to improve your sales process.
Chris Atkinson
Franchisee at P3 Cost Analysts
My biggest takeaway from the boot camp was the flexible framework that Jason teaches. And ultimately the confidence it's given me. I'd recommend this boot camp to anyone looking to connect with prospects on an authentic level that just feels right.
Jordan Greek
VP of Sales, Northwest at Knock CRM
I was looking for accountability and to get more confidence when doing any type of outreach...and I got that from the boot camp times 20. I learned how to formulate emails...put myself in the shoes of the prospect and increased my response rates.
Nicole Ramirez
Associate Broker at Bolton & Company
I learned a lot of great methods and tools to up my prospecting game. One thing I learned that made a specific impact right away was with objection handling. Right after learning Jason's process, it worked immediately with the next prospect I tried it on.
Joel French
Business Development Rep at Databricks
Prior to you coming on board, our network was only reaching out to 30% of their prospects. After the training with you, it's at 90%...the number of appointments has increased by 3x and we've had record months of signed clients after your training.
Michael Nicholas
President, P3 Cost Analysts
Having one key thing to work on in the boot camp each week was great for turning my weaknesses into strengths. I really appreciated in the boot camp the power in getting feedback from other people's perspectives...it inspired me to do more of that collaboration in my company.
Jordan Phillippi
Key Account Manager, DataDome
Everybody really enjoyed the training for one, and enjoyed working with you. From a personality perspective, it was a great fit. That's the most critical factor...everyone enjoyed it so they engaged more and had very valuable takeaways that resulted in more deals.
Aaron Stahl
Co-Founder, P3 Cost Analysts

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