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Hi, I'm Jason Bay.

But you can call me "JBay."

There's a big problem in sales right now. Prospects are inundated with automated emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages from salespeople every day. It's harder than ever to break through the clutter.

If you're having challenges landing meetings, you're not alone.

Oh, and the current economic conditions aren't making it any easier.

The key to successful prospecting is committing to the fundamentals.

Putting the prospect's needs before your own. Choosing quality over quantity. And having intimate knowledge of your prospect's problems and the value you provide them.

There aren't any magic templates, scripts, or shortcuts.

I help reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects—but hate not getting responses to their cold emails or feeling confident making cold calls.

Sales is the only "adult job" I've ever had. And I've done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping hundreds of reps master cold outreach.

Want to know more about my experience? Connect with me on LinkedIn here.

The Blissful Prospecting Framework

We'll teach you cutting-edge prospecting strategies and tactics to help you master these three steps. You'll have everything you need to consistently fill your pipeline with quality opportunities. 


Boot Camps

A 6-week group coaching program to teach individuals a proven framework for identifying and engaging their ideal clients through phone, email, and LinkedIn.


Hands-on training and coaching to boost your team's morale, grow outbound sales, and arm your reps with modern prospecting strategies and tactics. 


Reply Method Guide

Times are uncertain. Prospects are more risk-averse than they've ever been. Companies are focused on protecting what they have.

You have to adjust your prospecting approach to win in this new economy. And it starts with your messaging.

The Reply Method is a structure for helping you lead with empathy in your cold outreach so you can effectively start conversations with prospects.


The Blissful Prospecting Podcast is for sales reps and leaders to help you land more sales from your cold outreach efforts.

You'll learn from the best reps and sales leaders in the game how you can send better cold emails, make better cold calls, and land more meetings with your ideal clients.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes here or Spotify here.

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Think Outside the Script

Boost morale, save pipeline, and arm your reps with modern prospecting strategies and tactics.