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Our favorite tools to help you increase your productivity, reach more prospects, and make more sales.

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Short, digestible book summaries of our favorite business, sales, and marketing books.

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Guide — Reply Method

Times are uncertain. Prospects are more risk-averse than they've ever been. Companies are focused on protecting what they have.

You have to adjust your prospecting approach to win in this new economy. And it starts with your messaging.

The Reply Method is a structure for helping you lead with empathy in your cold outreach so you can effectively start conversations with prospects.

Guide — Video Prospecting

1to1, personalized videos are all the rage right now. Learn how to use video in your emails to increase response rates and grab your prospect's attention.

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The Blissful Prospecting Podcast is for sales reps and leaders to help you land more sales from your cold outreach efforts.

You'll learn from the best reps and sales leaders in the game how you can send better cold emails, make better cold calls, and land more meetings with your ideal clients.

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Call reluctance…

The mental gymnastics of prospecting and selling. The number one complaint from every sales leader I talk to? Their team doesn’t pick up the phone as much as they’d like. Sales teams share dozens of reasons with me about why...

Think Outside the Script

Boost morale, save pipeline, and arm your reps with modern prospecting strategies and tactics.