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Our favorite tools to help you increase your productivity, reach more prospects, and make more sales.

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Short, digestible book summaries of our favorite business, sales, and marketing books.

REPLY Method™ Guide

A proven messaging structure for increasing response rates, breaking through the clutter, and landing more meetings.

Video Prospecting Guide

1to1, personalized videos are all the rage right now. Learn how to use video in your emails to increase response rates and grab your prospect’s attention.


The Blissful Prospecting Podcast is for sales reps and leaders to help you land more sales from your cold outreach efforts.

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Recent Posts

Cold Email

Cold emailing is hard.

The content out there on cold emailing isn’t great. When I started cold emailing back in 2013, it was even worse. Software companies posted their cold email templates of the month, none of which ever worked that well. I learned

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What are your best productivity hacks?

I’ve sat next to a lot of people in my career. In my observations, most people waste 30-60 minutes every day because they’re too slow on the computer. We have to think about what tabs to open for a particular

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